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LTM-2 Probes in Flotation
Banks, Tanks, Columns and Sumps

LTM-2 probes are typically installed in flotation banks, individual flotation cells or in columns and sumps to provide consistent accurate pulp level measurement. The conductive LTM-2 pulp level monitoring probe technology dramatically reduces the complication of slurry level interface monitoring under a wide range of froth and flotation conditions.

Level Measurements in Flotation Cells
Level Measurements
Columns & Sumps
Level Measurements

Product ExplanationLittle maintenance is required on the system, much less than the conventional

Probe Explanation

LTM-2 probes have a high tolerance for solids caking and...

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Advantages of the LTM-2

LTM-2 probes are virtually maintenance free, othe advantages include:...

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Trends and observations

The following trends and observations were provided to indicate the...

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Economical Benefits

  • No moving parts
  • Increased recoveries (payback can be weeks)
  • Consistent concentrate grades (lower shipping costs, increased NSR)
  • Lower housekeeping issues from tank overflow
  • No bracket maintenance necessary
  • Consistent plant stability

Customer Experiences and feedback

  • Reliable signals
  • Consistently accurate pulp level detection
  • Good readings even with solids buildup (buildup has no influence on measuring results)
  • Circuit stability: less pulp level fluctuation, less surging
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Less dart valve damage

Mills Tested, Using LTM-2 ProbesProbes installed internationally in various mills and mines since 2010.

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Norilsk Nkomati Nickel, SA

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Kansanshi Copper, Zambia

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Antofagasta Los Pelambres, Chile

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Masan Nui Phao, Vietnam

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Probe length availability

Bank Cells Length typically 1m
Tank Cells Length typically 1.5m
Probe & Column Cells Length typically 2-3m

Proven Reliability

The LTM-2 level probe has proven its reliability in various concentrator environments, being used in Column, Bank and Tank flotation cells. The probes have also been tested in various Sump environments, which include Mill feed Sumps, Mixed Concentrate Sumps and Final Concentrate Sumps.